Request for more info out of __FUNCTION__

David Edelsohn
Wed Feb 2 11:18:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> Benjamin Scherrey writes:

Benjamin> I have a little debug macro that displays where in my code I happen to
Benjamin> be. It uses the __FILE__, __LINE__, and __FUNCTION__ compile-time
Benjamin> variables to show me where the code is executing. One thing I would
Benjamin> find very useful is if the __FUNCTION__ variable would show methods as
Benjamin> "class::function" instead of just "function" as the messages kinda get
Benjamin> hard to differentiate when going through class hierarchies or
Benjamin> templated methods. Is this something that could easily be changed?

	Have you looked at the __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ macro provided by GCC?
See "Function Names as Strings" under "C Extensions" in the GCC


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