new port contributing (ATMEL AVR)

Denis Chertykov
Wed Feb 2 10:46:00 GMT 2000

"Martin v. Loewis" <> writes:

> - make one patch for the config subdirectory. I guess this patch, on its
>   own, won't produce any conflicts with existing files, and will consist
>   of all-new files. Maybe a tar file would be even more appropriate,
>   together with the ChangeLog entry.

Now this step done.
Must I wait a response from maintainers ? Or CVS will have my

> - make a patch adding all the configuration infrastructure. I don't
>   know how large that patch would be, but ideally, it would be only
> changes, plus the rebuild configure, plus the ChangeLog
>   entry.

It will only changes.

What is `plus the rebuild configure' ?
Must I rebuild configure on my machine and send it ? Or one of the
maintainers must do this ?


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