procmail FAQ fodder. was: Suggestion for the GCC lists

Robert Lipe
Wed Feb 2 07:53:00 GMT 2000

The "how can I procmail these lists" Q is becoming FA.  I can't get to
the FOM or wwwdocs to commit or propose a precise patch, but here's
starting text.  I borrowed heavily from Jason Molenda's work.

Q: How can I use procmail or similar tools to process the GCC mailing lists?

A: Fixed headers that you can rely on include the Sender: header, as well 
   as all of the RFC2369 headers (List-Subscribe, List-Unsubscribe, 
   List-Post, List-Archive, etc.)
   As a procmail example, this rule will divert all mail from all the GCC
   lists into a single folder named "gcc.folder"

	* ^Sender:gcc.*-owner.*

   [ Just drop this paragraph if you don't like it. I consider the question
   answered without it. ] 
   There is a proposed standard for a new header, List-Id, which the GCC 
   lists may start generating in February, 2000. It is yet another unique 
   identifier that can be used to reliabily distinguish mailing list 

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