EH in C (was: Re: (lack of) Thread-safe exceptions on AIX (gcc-2.95.1)

Jamie Lokier
Tue Feb 1 16:23:00 GMT 2000

Zack Weinberg wrote:
> Another thing to think about - it'd be Nice if setjmp/longjmp
> interoperated with throw/catch, partially because that would make the
> behavior politer to C++ code, partially because the compiler would
> comprehend control flow better.  (On second thought, there may be code
> out there that expects that longjmp() will go directly to its target,
> not visiting catch handlers and not collecting $200.)

I'm sure there's code out there that expects longjmp() to be reasonably
first, not arbitrarily slowly doing a data driven stack unwind.

longjmp() is also used from time to time to implement a dubious kind of
fake threads.

have a nice day,
-- Jamie

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