Minor change in test matrix

Joe Buck jbuck@Synopsys.COM
Wed Jun 30 15:43:00 GMT 1999

Jeff writes:
> > So, I'm going to replace solaris-2.6 with solaris-2.5 in the test matrix.
> > That way we test the platform most folks have (solaris-2.5) and the newest
> > platform (solaris-2.7).

Nathan Sidwell writes:
> Is this due to lack of 2.6 testers? If so, I volunteer, as I happen to be one
> of the few running 2.6.

Extra tests aren't a problem (feel free to provide Solaris 2.6 tests), but
I do think that Solaris 2.5.x should be included as it is the most
commonly used gcc platform besides the free Unix clones (it seems that
since 2.5.1 -> 2.6 is a small jump and "Solaris 7" is a big one, many
Sun folks will just skip 2.6 completely).  I can provide Solaris 2.5.1 and
Linux-gnulibc1 (Red Hat 4.2) tests (I've been thinking about updating my
home Linux box but it can wait until after the gcc-2.95 release).


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