Basic build questions

Nick Ing-Simmons
Wed Jun 30 15:43:00 GMT 1999

Rod Bates <> writes:
>So, let me refine my question.  Using the normal native compiler
>build process, (i.e. not the cross compiler process), is it true
>that I must be able to get xgcc to link *.o files which it built with *.o
>*.a file(s) that are provided by the native OS? 
>I think your answer to this is "yes", 

That is more or less a definition of a "native" compiler.

>and that I will have to build
>a cross compiler on another machine, 

It can be the same machine, just configured as a cross compiler.
i.e. gcc itself is built with "native" tools, but target code is
uses altenate (gcc/binutils) chain.

Nick Ing-Simmons <>
Via, but not speaking for: Texas Instruments Ltd.

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