gdb and floating point registers

Marc Espie
Wed Jun 30 15:43:00 GMT 1999

In article < > you write:
>> problem (of course).  But I don't have a good enough background on the
>> x86 to debug it -- especially since it uses floating point and you can't
>> access the FP registers with the debugger.
>Yes, you can if you use Linux with a recent gdb 4.17.0.xx. That is one
>thing which annoys me very much when I work on gcc and glibc.
>I was told someone would try to merge my x86 floating point patch into
>gdb after gdb 4.18. I am still waiting for it. In the meantime, Linux
>are stuck with gdb 4.17.

Nothing to add to that issue.  Just wanted to change  the damn subject
line, so that the poor sucker who comes along and needs that info gets
a fighting chance to find it.

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