Dwarf2 for C++

Jason Merrill jason@cygnus.com
Wed Jun 30 15:43:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> Theodore Papadopoulo <Theodore.Papadopoulo@sophia.inria.fr> writes:

 >> >>>>> Alexander Kesselman (r57013) <r57013@email.sps.mot.com> writes:
 >>  > Is is possible to get the C++ Dwarf2 debug info 
 >>  > without lowering (coverting it to the C format) ?

 >> This question doesn't make sense to me.  We do generate dwarf2 info for
 >> C++.

 > Not only it can be generated, but according to my experience it works 
 > better than the stabs of the dwarf format. In particular, inline 
 > functions can be seen from the debugger when dwarf-2 is used.

stabs and dwarf are two different formats.  dwarf2 is much better than
dwarf1, but stabs is also good.  dwarf2 is more flexible, but our stabs
implementation is more mature.


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