gdb and g77
Wed Jun 30 15:43:00 GMT 1999

>  When g77 emits debug info for arrays, the dimensions are reversed.  If
>your array is palindromic, ie "dimension a(10,20,10)", it will work OK,
>but otherwise gdb will be looking at the wrong memory location for the
>data.  I originally thought the problem was with gdb reversing the
>dimensions, but after building gdb on an RS6K, it correctly read the
>dimension info from the native RS6K compiler.  Ergo g77 is incorrect.

It seems the above analysis is wrong, but I've been getting bounces
from Andy's email address above, so I don't know whether Andy's seen
the ensuing discussion (whether he's on the egcs mailing list).

It'll be awfully sad if it turns out the Fortran mode in gdb was
*designed* wrongly, such that making it correct (which would help g77)
would break it for other compilers.

        tq vm, (burley)

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