g77 pic case vs. binutils & readelf

Robert Lipe robertl@sco.com
Wed Jun 30 15:43:00 GMT 1999

> Could it be a case of REL vs RELA somewhere ?

I don't really know what that means. dump_relocations() in readelf.c is
called with "is_rela" = 0.

> In case it helps I have just checked into sourceware a patched version
> of readelf which should detect bad symbol indcies and print a warning
> message (and then carry on to display the rest of the relocs) rather
> than just core dumping.

(I love being able to just blast these things around in CVS!) 

Now the EGCS-compiled g77 case linked against the PIC libg2c.a that is
tormenting the linker displays as:

Relocation section '.rel.got' at offset 0x7b4 contains 4 entries:
  Offset    Info  Type            Symbol's Value  Symbol's Name
  0805582c  02206 R_386_GLOB_DAT        00000000  errno                    
  0805586c  02b06 R_386_GLOB_DAT        08048ab4  ungetc                   
  00000000  00000 R_386_NONE           
  00000000  452b28 unrecognised: 28      bad symbol index: 0000452b

Is there any way can we find the file that delivered that symbol to us?


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