g77 pic case vs. binutils & readelf

Robert Lipe robertl@sco.com
Wed Jun 30 15:43:00 GMT 1999

> : .//g77 $* -v -B./
> : /play/egcs/gcc/testsuite/g77.f-torture/execute/970816-3.f  -w  -O1  -L
> : ../i686-pc-sco3.2v5.0.5/pic/libf2c  -lm   -fPIC -o xxx 
> : 
> : If I whack the "pic" from the -L argument, this case works.     
> Can you post the output when '-v' is added to that command line.

g77 version gcc-2.95 19990604 (prerelease) (from FSF-g77 version 0.5.25 19990526 (prerelease))
Driving: .//g77 -v -B./ /play/egcs/gcc/testsuite/g77.f-torture/execute/970816-3.f -w -O1 -L ../i686-pc-sco3.2v5.0.5/pic/libf2c -lg2c -lm -fPIC -o xxx -lg2c -lm
Reading specs from ./specs
gcc version gcc-2.95 19990604 (prerelease)
 ./f771 /play/egcs/gcc/testsuite/g77.f-torture/execute/970816-3.f -quiet -dumpbase 970816-3.f -O1 -w -version -fversion -fPIC -o /usr/tmp/ccKAdaaa.s
GNU F77 version gcc-2.95 19990604 (prerelease) (i686-pc-sco3.2v5.0.5) compiled by GNU C version gcc-2.95 19990604 (prerelease).
GNU Fortran Front End version 0.5.25 19990526 (prerelease)
 /usr/ccs/bin/as -b elf -Ea,XPG4PLUS,ELF -Qn -o /usr/tmp/cck1gaaa.o /usr/tmp/ccKAdaaa.s
 ./collect2 -b elf -Ra,XPG4PLUS,ELF -YP,/usr/ccs/lib:/lib:/usr/lib -Qn -o xxx /usr/ccs/lib/crt1.o /usr/ccs/lib/values-Xa.o ./crtbegin.o -L ../i686-pc-sco3.2v5.0.5/pic/libf2c -L./pic -L. -L/usr/local/i686-pc-sco3.2v5.0.5/lib/pic -L/usr/local/i686-pc-sco3.2v5.0.5/lib -L/usr/ccs/bin -L/usr/ccs/lib -L/usr/local/lib/pic -L/usr/local/lib /usr/tmp/cck1gaaa.o -lg2c -lm -lg2c -lm -lgcc -lcrypt -lgen -lc -lgcc ./crtend.o /usr/ccs/lib/crtn.o

> libraries are being linked together.  Also I would suggest that you
> use readelf or objdump to examine each of the object file/libraries in
> turn (especially any in ...pic/libf2c).  You want to know two things -

Nothing really stands out.  I can't spot a single .o or even the .a
that makes either drop core or display the errors you added.

There's only 288 .o's in that archive, how hard can it be to find? :-)

> Good luck!


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