DG/UX Dwarf1 Problem - Switch to GDB?

Robert Lipe robertlipe@usa.net
Wed Jun 30 06:21:00 GMT 1999

> The advice I got from my DG contact is to switch to using gdb.
> What is the policy on a change like this?  Should I change the default
> on the DG/UX Intel platform from dwarf1 to gdb?  

You're asking about the default debugging format emitted, right?

If you go to stabs you're going to require the GNU assembler.  Dwarf2
seems to be coming into favor amongst the GDB and EGCS people that know
about such things but it can still be a little lonely.

> Alternatively, can the default be changed to gdb only for g++, and
> leave gcc as dwarf1?

You could but my experience is that it's painful.  Mixing debugging
formats in the same executable (and linking C and C++ is common) never
brought me much joy.

> Thanks to Takis Psarogiannakopoulos <takis@dpmms.cam.ac.uk> for the
> port and the info.  He is currently working on a 4.18 port.

Hopefully he's working with gdb@sourceware.cygnus.com to get the patches
integrated into the main tree.

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