dwarf patches fail bootstrapping coff platforms]

Robert Lipe robertlipe@usa.net
Thu Jun 17 12:29:00 GMT 1999

> Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I really can't imagine what
> might be going on.  I also have no idea how to read that SCO assembly
> code.  Would you mind isolating the particular change which caused the
> problem?

Not becuase I can read the assembly code, the C++ in question, or
even have any clue what's going on in GCC itself, but I think I have
identified the change in question.

In init.c:expand_aggr_vbase_init() if I comment out the call to
expand_cleanup_for_base(), it assembles once again.  I have no idea if
the code actually works, if the debugging records are valid, etc., but
hopefully this will be enough to illuminate the little light bulb over
your head. :-)

If there are debugger dumps I can provide that would be useful to you,
let me know.


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