How do I tell xgcc which as to use?

Nathan Sidwell
Tue Jun 15 10:33:00 GMT 1999

"Bates, Rod" wrote:
> While building egcs-1.1.2, I can't get xgcc to honor my
> request on where to find as.  It insists on taking it
> from the third directory on my path, even though the
> first directory has an 'as' with execute permission for
> everyone.   Adding the -B option doesn't help either.
> The as it uses is the native one, and it is choking on
> .file, .stabs, and some other things.  The one I want
> it to use is gas.  Gas runs without error messages
> when fed the generated .s file manually.
> --with-gnu-as doesn't make any difference in cc1's
> generated .s file.
./configure --with-as=`which as` --with-ld=`which ld`
modified apropriately for your system


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