gdb bug in Fortran language mode [was Re: gdb and g77]

YABUKI Youichi
Mon Jun 14 21:43:00 GMT 1999

>   In message < >you write:
>   > OK, if you're satisfied that GCC's output is correct, then we can take
>   > over on the GDB side.  GDB's Fortran support hasn't been touched in a
>   > while, and the original contribution was only tested with Motorola or
>   > AIX compilers or something like that.
> It's looking more and more like a gdb issue.  I'm going to grope around and
> see if I can come up with a copy of HP Fortran for some minimal testing.

We, SRA's Wingnut project have added the support for HITACHI's SR2201
to gdb-4.17. Which includes HITACHI's FORTRAN77 compiler support.
Although not tested for output from g77, it may help you.

This patch is available at .

Here is the README file:
his directory contains the patch to gdb-4.17 which support
        HITACHI SR2201 - PA-RISC based MPP machine,
        HI-UX/MPP base OSF/1.

This patch support HITACHI's FORTRAN77 compiler support as well as
basic C(and C++) supports.
This FORTRAN77 support includes
some modifications to GDB's FORTRAN77 frontend and
some enhancement to HP's DEBUG information(HI-UX/MPP use it) support.
This patch includes also about 1000 FORTRAN77 test cases merged to
gdb-4.17's testsuite.

README                          this file
gdb-4.17.hmpp.diff-980728       patch to gdb-4.17
YABKI Youich, Wingnut project at SRA.

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