New web page design

Gerald Pfeifer
Mon Jun 14 09:55:00 GMT 1999

I have just committed our new front page with a couple of major changes.

We now have a navigation bar and I have made the page quite a bit shorter,
replacing complete sentences by links and adding some links.

The idea behind these changes was that now people should find relevant
stuff more quickly, while our "mission statement" and news sections still
remain prominently on that page.

The new design employs tables, but I have made sure that it is usable
both with full fledged graphical browsers (Netscape,...) and text-based
ones (lynx,...).

I resisted making the page sexier by using non-standard markup instead
of <H2> and the like, but clearly we can (and should) iterate on various

As usual, feedback and patches are most welcome.

Gerald "Jerry"

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