Linux and aliasing?

Jeffrey A Law
Mon Jun 7 09:24:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you write:
  > Other compiler vendors seem to have done it in two stages:
  > 1) Ok, the strict aliasing is there, but not a default optimization,
  >    you have to enable it explicitly.  But come next release it will be
  >    on by default and thus you have ample time to fixup your code.
Err, we had this in egcs-1.1.  One had to enable type based alias analysis
explicitly via -fstrict-aliasing.

  > 2) It's on by default in this new subsequent release, we warned you.
With the full intention of doing this for egcs-1.2 (now gcc-2.95).  It
probably was even mentioned in the release notes for egcs-1.1.


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