FreeBSD 3.x

Alfred Perlstein
Fri Jun 4 10:48:00 GMT 1999

On Fri, 4 Jun 1999, Jeffrey A Law wrote:

> I need someone with an x86 background that uses freebsd-3.x to debug an
> interesting problem.
> I've got a few tests (ex ieee/rbug.c) which are failing on a freebsd-3.0
> system I have access to.
> I found this to be a little odd since the other x86 ports do not seem to
> have this problem.
> What's even more interesting is I can take a static binary that fails on
> the freebsd box and run it without any problems on my linux box.
> There's definitely something interesting happening with this test :-)  I
> want/need to know is whether or not there's a compiler bug causing the
> problem (of course).  But I don't have a good enough background on the
> x86 to debug it -- especially since it uses floating point and you can't
> access the FP registers with the debugger.
> Any takers?

Since no one has responded, I'd like a crack at it.

I assume this is with the most recent snapshots?

I'm going to start a build right now.  Only problem is that I
use 4.0 which has egcs as the system compiler, hopefully it 
shouldn't make a difference.

thanks, always appreciative of the time you take for us BSD folk. :)


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