Solaris 2.7

Alexandre Oliva
Thu Jun 3 10:55:00 GMT 1999

On Jun  2, 1999, Forrest Aldrich <> wrote:

> Egcs is listed as building successfully on Solaris-2.7, yet
> I'm unable to accomplish this.  Using the SUNWspro (4.2)
> compiler or otherwise.

What's the problem you're encountering?  I've been able to build egcs
on Solaris 7/sparc and 7/x86, using SUNWspro 4.0 and older egcs
releases.  However, I've always used GNU binutils.

AFAIR, there's an entry in the egcs FAQ or in the installation notes
about a patch for Solaris 7 ld/sparc that breaks egcs, so you'd better
revert it, or use GNU binutils.

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