Sergio A. Kessler
Tue Jun 1 11:39:00 GMT 1999

Joe Buck <jbuck@Synopsys.COM> el día Mon, 31 May 99 21:34:50 PDT, escribió:

>> GPC is not the only GPL'ed compiler for pascal, there is FPC (Free
>> Pascal compiler), wich is much more advanced in many aspects than
>> GPC.
>> Home at
>Even if it is more advanced, gpc is based on the gcc back end, "Free
>Pascal" is not, so it can't be integrated with gcc.  gpc represents a
>small piece of original code that, when combined with gcc, makes a Pascal
>compiler, so it would make sense to package it together.  The compiler you
>recommend is a completely independent project, so there is no benefit
>in combining it with the gcc distribution.

ok, then include GPC in the next release, please...


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