shared libobjc & multilibs ?

Helge Hess
Tue Jun 1 06:33:00 GMT 1999

Jeffrey A Law wrote:
>   In message <>you write:
>   > Hi there,
>   >
>   > what would be the best approach to make egcs support building a shared
>   > libobjc ? I can see that libstdc++ can be build shared and static, so
>   > this should be possible.
>   >
>   > Does libstdc++ use this 'multilib' feature or does it use a custom
>   > Makefile ? If so, where can I read more about 'multilibs', the configure
>   > documentation on this topic isn't very extensive ? Is there any less
>   > complicated example of multilibs than libstdc++ ?
> See the libiberty makefiles and configure fragments.

libiberty isn't built as a shared library (at least not, when specifying
--enable-shared). I had a look at some makefiles in gcc and it seems to
me that multilibs aren't the right thing to build static and shared
library-versions. I have the impression (I don't fully understand the
gcc makefiles) that shared compilation needs to be supported 'by-hand'
in the appropriate's.

libstdc++ is the only library which is also build shared on my system,
so it seems I'll need to have a look at this.

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