howto debug this damned thing?

Dave Love
Sun Jan 31 23:58:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "MK" == Martin Kahlert <> writes:

 MK> The only thing i could assume is, that it tries to use the native
 MK> compilers write or some of its helper routines and not those of
 MK> g77.  the code works fine if i compile the whole program with
 MK> g77.  But it is a big circuit simulator which has to run very
 MK> fast, so i would like to stick with the native compiler for that.

I dont understand the need, but I'd say just don't try to mix runtimes
from different compilers unless they're guaranteed compatible.  (Even
with different releases from the same vendor.)  SunPro's and g77's
definitely are not compatible (or weren't a few years ago and are
unlikely to have got compatible by accident :-/).

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