GNU gas documentation.

Joe Buck jbuck@Synopsys.COM
Sun Jan 31 23:58:00 GMT 1999

> Sorry for the somewhat off topic posting but my current work with egcs
> is forcing me to evaluate some of the resulting assembly language code
> and I'm not familiar with many of the GNU constructs. I've got the
> latest binutils with as and gasp but the only documentation seems to be
> in that god-forsaken .info format which I find unusable.

The .texi files are TeX source; you can print the manuals with TeX.

> I need a
> printed/able manual of some sort. I tried getting hold of texi2html
> conversion as a last resort but the web link that every reference seems
> to follow ( ) is broken and nowhere
> on the cern site is texi2html to be found. Any other online versions of
> this documentation don't seem to have been updated since 1984.

Then they must have used time travel to get the docs on the web, which
didn't exist until 1991!  Unfortunately, it seems that CERN deleted
texi2html from their site.

You need a better search engine.  Try (developed at
Stanford and Linux-based, by the way), which gives terrific search results
by following a very simple idea: a page is high-quality if lots of
high-quality pages link to it (thus if you type egcs the first listing is
the egcs home page) and marketroids can't spoof it with misleading META
keywords.  Skip all the pointers to CERN, it isn't there any more.  It's
in the CTAN archives, which has about 30 mirrors around the world.

> So.... I'd really love a postscript or LaTeX version of the current GNU
> gas/gasp documentation.

Sigh.  If LaTeX will do the job for you, then you must have TeX.  So
run the .texi files through tex, then!  You need texinfo.tex for the
macros, if it isn't already installed; you can find a copy in most GNU

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