Paul Eggert
Sun Jan 31 23:58:00 GMT 1999

Here's a dumb question: if gas and gld can handle arbitrary strings as
names, why not skip name mangling and assembling entirely?  Wouldn't
this be cleanest?

Obviously we would still have to mangle/assemble on platforms that
only allow A-Za-z0-9_ (I'll write more about this later).  And even
for GNU/Linux, we'd need backwards-compatibility options.  But with
the right compatibility option or two, it seems to me that the
transition to straight-through regime would be doable.  E.g. gcc could
optionally generate both old (mangled) and new (unmangled) format
external definition symbols, so that a shared object would link with
both old- and new-format executables.  This would work because the two
name formats can't possibly collide.

I vaguely recall your mentioning the need for a transition to a
new-format mangling scheme for C++ anyway.....

Obviously we'd also need to translate to UTF-8 for Java (and
optionally for other languages), but other than this, it seems to me
that we don't have to mangle if we don't want to.

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