Stupid idea for the mailing-list handling

Marc Espie
Sun Jan 31 08:47:00 GMT 1999

I don't know if this is easy to do, but here's the idea:

how about linking the mailing-lists with the archives ?

Right now, when you want to give a reference to someone about
an egcs message, you either have to hunt it up yourselves
in the archive, or give a fuzzy reference, such as the thread
title, or something like that...

I'd like a scheme where the html archival were done right through
the majordomo handling, so that outgoing emails could already be
tagged with the right URL, e.g., somewhere in this message, there
would be an URL
<a href=" ">

The only thing I can't find out for myself right now is the xxxxx part.

This should preferably go in as a header/something that tends to stay
in the message when you forward it. Just so that you can forward
specific information to someone who isn't subscribed to the egcs-ml,
and then he can follow the relevant discussions on the web-site.
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