Don't wake up the FSF, they need the sleep...

Marc Espie
Sat Jan 30 11:15:00 GMT 1999

In article < > Zack wrote:

>They've been processed.

>GCC     Marc Espie      France 1967     1999-01-07
>Assigns past and future changes (OpenBSD configuration).

>FSF isn't mailing copies back for some reason, but you're in.  I'm
>still waiting for my paperwork to come back, six months later...

This is insane.!! the FSF is the organization which is completely
paranoid about copyright assignments and the GPL. Do they want it
to work ?   They could *at least* try and perform the basic administrative
work correctly... Now, what's going to happen when I find a non-trivial
patch for binutils, or for libiberty ?  Or when I get a patch  from one
of my fellow openbsd developpers which is less than trivial.

I'll have to tell them:
'okay, you have to hunt thru the egcs pages for the copyright assignments,
fill it up, send it in, then wait for one month, and if you haven't heard
from them after that period, start bitching on the egcs mailing-list,
where someone's going to tell you:

Oops, sorry. We processed your papers, but we forgot to tell you about it.'

*How* do you think this reflects on the image of the FSF ?

[include loads of smileys... I'm only half-serious there...]

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