weird egcs & libiberty dependencies

Marc Espie
Thu Jan 28 07:39:00 GMT 1999

Currently, egcs' gcc/ is referring to files in libiberty directly,
such as mkstemp.c or choose-temp.c.

This is somewhat a problem, especially as using mkstemp.c does NOT make
any sense on some operating systems which have a perfectly good mkstemps
available as part of the dynamic libc.

I can see it's all a problem of bootstrapping properly. What about the
following scheme:

- build a small libiberty.a during the first stage of bootstrap, that would
only hold those files that may be needed.

- then replace it with the real McCoy during the next stage.

This probably only means passing another argument to the make that performs
the various stage builds...

If you guys think that makes sense, I can try to tweak configures and Makefile
until this works... the only reason I haven't done it yet is that I'm lazy
and I'd hate doing this to discover that there is an awfully good reason
this can't be used...

Another problem (for me) is that libiberty's mkstemp is badly named: it does
not define mkstemp, but mkstemps, which means some extra complexity if one
wants to add an autoconf test for that.
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