Mark Klein
Mon Jan 25 07:09:00 GMT 1999

At 12:21 AM 1/25/99 -0700, Jeffrey A Law wrote:

>GCC knows how to synthesize all long long operations from smaller ops and
>thus it does not need any libgcc1 support for them.

But as you already pointed out, HP's millicode routines are very 
efficient, so I'm enhancing long long support to use those millicode 
routines directly instead of going through the __<xxx>di3 routines.

Since it appears these millicode routines exist only for HP-PA, I can 
either add a call to determine if we're running on an HP platform or 
add a switch to make it the user's option as to whether or not the 
long long millicode is generated. I'd rather do the latter to leave
it at the option of the user.

>For long double stuff, we'll probably only enable it when doing hardware
>floating point.  We do not have any FP emulation code for long doubles yet.

The Quad Library performs just that function. So if it is a mandatory
part of the PRO ABI, then I don't have to make long double support on
PA optional based on vendor. Nor do I have to limit it to !TARGET_SOFT_FLOAT.
Hence the question about its existence on non-HP PA-RISC platforms.


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