multiple definitions of 'xxx keyed to...' in egcs-1.1.1

Steinar Bang
Fri Jan 22 01:21:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> (H.J. Lu):

>> Thanx for the tip.  Umm... you wouldn't have a more specific location
>> of your egcs variant (eg. which list?  And when?), since the list
>> archives lack a search mechanism?

> The egcs mailing list. You can find it at


I know.  More specifically at

But there's egcs-announce, egcs, egcs-bugs, egcs-patches, egcs-cvs,
and egcs-testsresults.  Some more likely than others, granted.  But
many of them high volume and with fairly large indexes.

Please note: I'm not critisizing the web maintainer or anyone.  I'm
just making a statement to the fact that a list archive search
mechanism would have been useful.

> I posted it in Jan. 1999.

Thanx again.  I'm assuming we're talking about the main egcs list.

> You can sort it by author.

I know.

(to save others the work)

>> What kind of changes have you done?

> Get it and read the release note as well as ChangeLogs.

I got the patches at
and applied them to a freshly unpacked egcs-1.1.1, but they didn't
change the ChangeLog as far as I could tell.

the release notes?

> It may solve your problem.

Hopefully.  The problem seems to be pretty obscure, judging from the
low number of hits I got from Deja News and Alta Vista, but I'm
guessing that it's real enough from the fact that I got hits on people 
with similar problems at all.

Have you seen similar behaviour?

> You also need binutils or above.

OK.  I have no idea where alphas of binutils can be found.  You
wouldn't happen to have a pointer?


- Steinar

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