[gaius@glam.ac.uk: GNU Modula-2 progress]

Mike Stump mrs@wrs.com
Wed Aug 25 16:58:00 GMT 1999

rms wanted us to get in touch with you so we can coordinate getting
the work you've been doing into the compiler.

> Date: Tue, 24 Aug 99 22:50 BST
> From: Gaius Mulley <gaius@glam.ac.uk>
> To: rms@gnu.org

> Basically I thought I'd let you know that progress is being made
> connecting the front end of m2f (a GPL Modula-2 compiler) with the
> back end of gcc, to produce gm2 (GNU Modula-2). I'm using gcc-2.8.1
> whilst developing.

> So in theory it should be straightforward to take the Modula-2
> components and fit them onto a later version of gcc.

Yes.  It would be nice.  As you get large functional stuff done, you
may want to check out a cvs gcc tree and incorporate your work into
that tree, test it out, and get it checked into gcc.  That way, future
gcc releases will have support for Modula 2.

Please see http://gcc.gnu.org for details, in particular, see the
assignment section, and the cvs section.

You should also check out dejagnu, and add a testing subsystem for
Modula-2 testcases.  I would copy the old-deja.exp style testcases
from g++ land.  (Copying is bad, better to factor out common code, and
make both use it.)

I'd love to see support in gcc for more languages.

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