FYI, problems with cvs, has anything unusal happened?

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Sep 30 02:15:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 19980929231931.H295@cerebro.laendle >you write:
  > I have a checked-out tree where I weekly update the snapshot. Now, this
  > wee k
  > I got:
  > # cd egcs
  > # cvs log gcc/version.c 
  > cvs [server aborted]: no such directory 'gcc'
  > cvs log: cannot find password
  > cvs [log aborted]: use "cvs login" to log in first
  > (I'm using the ext method via ssh, so what the &$%$ is asking
  > for the password here?)
You might check the various admin files (CVS/Root) and see what kind of
connection they're using.


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