GCC2 native language support now available

Joe Buck jbuck@synopsys.com
Tue Sep 29 16:59:00 GMT 1998

> Joe Buck <jbuck@Synopsys.COM> writes:
> > It might be possible, though, to share the internationalization
> > code, with, e.g. one CVS tree with two branches and separate code only
> > where required.
> It's not about the code, it's about the translations.  The code is the
> same in all packages.

I know that the gettext code itself is identical.  Please pardon me for
being unclear.  I was referring to the translations: the vast majority of
messages issued by gcc2 and egcs are exactly the same.  I don't see why
two separate efforts are needed, one to put the gcc2 messages in, say French
and one to put the egcs messages in French.

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