GCC2 native language support now available

Paul Eggert eggert@twinsun.com
Mon Sep 28 17:35:00 GMT 1998

   From: Ulrich Drepper <drepper@cygnus.com>
   Date: 28 Sep 1998 08:06:52 -0700

   it is possible (to full extend in the next release of gettext) to
   name auxiliary files.  This is a file containing a selcetion of
   translations.  I.e., the egcs.po files can serve as auxiliary files
   for gcc or vice versa.

Using this new feature sounds good to me, assuming EGCS and GCC2
retain separate textdomains indefinitely; we can use this approach
when the next release of gettext comes out.

   > That's because GCC alpha snapshots don't contain files that can be built
   > by maintainers, and the .pot file is built automatically from the sources.

   This is only partly correct.  The gcc distribution does not contain
   files which can be regenerated with one of the essential tools (named
   in the GNu coding standard).

But we're talking about a GCC alpha snapshot, not a regular GCC
distribution.  I agree that a regular GCC distribution must distribute
the .pot file (and the current snapshot's `make dist' rule does so);
but the alpha snapshots are not so constrained.

   xgettext is none of the essential tools and therefore must be

Really?  I don't know of any GNU packages that distribute xgettext,
other than GNU gettext itself.  I just checked enscript, fileutils,
grep, tar, texinfo, and textutils; they all distribute .pot files but
none of them distribute xgettext.

The latest GCC snapshot does have an intl subdirectory that contains
the usual 23 files required for gettext support -- perhaps that was
what you were thinking of?  If so, the GCC snapshot already does what
you're asking for.

   Those working with me on gettext certainly have more experiences in
   this area.

I've submitted several gettext patches since 0.10.35 came out, to fix
a few minor bugs and help it work better with GCC sources; I'd like to
think that I'm working with you on gettext in some small way.  Is
there some mailing list that I should join to help gain more

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