GCC2 native language support now available

Paul Eggert eggert@twinsun.com
Mon Sep 28 17:35:00 GMT 1998

   From: Ulrich Drepper <drepper@cygnus.com>
   Date: 28 Sep 1998 14:58:18 -0700

   I think that the .pot should be distributed even for test releases
   since especially for gcc test releases are often used even by people
   which do not simply want to test it, but because the test release
   works around a bug.

I tend to agree, though I suspect that rms and kenner would not, as it
was their suggestion that each GCC test release warn users "not to use
it for anything except to test it."

It shouldn't be hard to adjust the GCC test release procedure to
distribute the .pot file, and I don't think this would hurt
anything. I'm not familiar with the test release procedure, though; I
vaguely recall that it's maintained privately by the person who makes
test releases.

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