template function compiling problem (alphaev5-linux)

Toshinao Ishii ici@qua.crl.melco.co.jp
Sun Sep 27 21:23:00 GMT 1998


Todd Vierling wrote:
: This function is recursive.  It will call itself because you are doing `os

This was my careless mistake. Sorry for occupying traffic for such a thing.

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
: This won't work.  Even when you use -frepo, the definition of a
: template *must* be visible in every translation unit that uses that
: template.  This can only be worked around if you explicitly

Is the implementation "invisible" even if poi02.C is included in main02.C ?

    // main02.C
    #include "poi02.H"
    #include "poi02.C"

    int main()
      C<double> tcd;
      tcd = 3.14;
      cout << tcd << endl;

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