Alexandre Oliva
Sat Sep 26 00:52:00 GMT 1998

Jochen Kuepper <> writes:

> I am missing the following function from the class map ( as of egcs-1.1 )

>   const T& operator[](const key_type& k) const;

> In the class header file (stl_map.h) there is only 

>   T& operator[](const key_type& k);

As the standard mandates.  The problem is that operator[] will insert
a value for the given key_type if none exists.  I'm of the opinion
that a const member function should have been defined, that would
throw an exception if the key were not present in the map already, but
the members of the standard committee thought otherwise :-(

Alexandre Oliva
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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