Purify & g++

Yotam Medini yotam@avanticorp.com
Thu Sep 24 14:32:00 GMT 1998

Hello Rational 

Judging by closeness to ANSI standards and Unix-portability
I think it is clear that gcc/g++ (2.8.1) is currently the
superior C++ compiler on Unix environments. In addition, it
comes with STL and it can work with the GDB debugger (that
has a convenient Emacs interface).

Alas, since g++-2.8.x it is almost impossible to use Purify.
I used to like Purify a lot. I owe lots of bug-fixings to
this great tool. Now it seems that one has to face a choice
  + g++ without Purify
  + Native compiler with Purify

For me the choice is painful but clear. That is give up Purify
and go with g++. Standard and efficient templates are too valuable.

My wish is that you would be more clear regarding your
future plans to support g++.

-- yotam
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