cross-compiler build: can't find stdio.h

Bill Currie
Wed Sep 23 22:20:00 GMT 1998

Unfortunatly, Netscape butchered your mail (broke it in two parts)

For my setup, I copied the system files (headers and libs) from the
target machine to my build machine (the target machine produces poor
code and isn't ansi compliant, no prototypes, also the target is NOT
nice to work on) and stashed them is a `safe place'
($HOME/mtos/{include,lib}).  I then gave configure the location of these
dirs using the appropriate switchs (--with-{headers,libs}).  Either
configure or make (not sure which one does it) will copy the headers to
the installation directory prior to building any of the libs (I had
reported a problem with this, but it seems to have been me rather than

By virgin build, do you mean you have no libs at all?  In that case you
will be better off using newlib which IS documented in the cross faq
(findable from the egcs faq).  You may have to provide a set of system
calls, I think, depends on the actual os you're targetting.

As to the missing `all' rule, I have no idea.  I would suggest
reconfiguring from a clean slate, but I suspect it's something wrong
with configure as I didn't have this problem.  My problem was none of
the libs would build due to missing headers/definitions (no sys/*), so I
disabled the lot (shouldn't be needing them right now anyway, but it
would have been nice having them).  I had to hack up some headers as it
was (there was no stdlib.h!).

I hope that helps
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