configure script error

Gavin Romig-Koch
Wed Sep 23 11:33:00 GMT 1998

Jackal writes:
 > Using egcs updated Sep-22-1998 22:54EDT
 > 	% ./configure
 > 	Configuring for a i686-pc-linux-gnu host.
 > 	Created Makefile in /tmp
 > 	./configure: syntax error near unexpected token '<<<<<'
 > 	./configure: ./configure: line 5476: '<<<<< configure' configure in . failed, exiting
 > I don't know enough about configure scripts to fix the problem.

Configure scripts are just (very dense) shell script.  The 
token '<<<<<' is never valid in a configure script.  You'll need
to get rid of it, replacing it with the correct stuff.

If you are not using cvs, I'm not sure how it got there.  Your
best bet is to get a new copy of the configure script from 
the tar file (or where ever you get your copy of egcs).

If you _are_ useing cvs, then cvs probably put it there.  When
you do a "cvs update", if part of the file that cvs wants to
update is different than cvs expects, cvs calls this a conflict,
prints out a warning message, and surrounds both the old code
and the new code with these '<<<<' markers.  You can then edit
the file to choose which version you want, or merge them if
that's what's required.  See the cvs doc for more info.
Assuming you haven't intentionaly modified configure yourself,
you can just delete the copy you have, and do a 

  cvs update configure

to get a fresh copy from the repository (if you copy of the
tree is old you should update everything else too, so that
the everything is in sync with this new copy of configure).


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