Use egcs1.0.3 to build gcc2

Mike Stump
Tue Sep 22 14:12:00 GMT 1998

> Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 16:17:16 -0700
> From: Ming Lei <>
> To:

Your To: address is wrong, please fix it.

> I have egcs-1.0.3 which is included in Linux Slackware3.5 on my PC,
> to build gcc-2.7.2. I got error message when I tried to build the
> compiler(first time, type in 'make LANGUAGE=c'). The error was
> happened during link stage, and it seemed to me that a program
> called "collect2" complained. I have two questions:

> 1. can I use egcs to install gcc2 package? how?

Put gcc from egcs in your path and try CC=gcc configure && make
CC=gcc, that's about it.

> 2.  how do I get rid of this "collect2"? can I set some envirnoment
> variable to disconnect "collect2" with g++?

We usually can't help you with random problems unless you can describe
the random problems.  I can't guess which one you saw here.

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