cross-compiler build: can't find stdio.h

John Breen
Tue Sep 22 09:45:00 GMT 1998

I thought I'd seen this asked before, but I searched the FAQ and the 
archive titles three months back, and didn't see it.

I'm trying to build egcs-1.1a for m68k-elf (NOTE: since egcs doesn't 
currently support m68k-elf, I'm using my own hacked .h files, based on a 
patch from gcc-; but I don't think that's the problem).  I 
finally started getting close, but now it's dying while building 
libiberty because it can't find stdio.h.

When I built gcc- m68k-elf, the "cygnus patch" had something 
about removing the need for stdio.h.  Doesn't egcs have something 
similar?  I do have the headers from the gcc- build (although on 
another system); should I copy them over and use --with-headers?  Or did 
I possibly do something wrong?

John A. Breen

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