bcopy -> memcpy/memmove transition proposal

Kaveh R. Ghazi ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu
Sun Sep 20 13:45:00 GMT 1998

 > From: Per Bothner <bothner@cygnus.com>
 > > 1.  Wasn't using the BSD style a GNU coding convention at some point?
 > In the old days, there were two main styles of Unix:  "USG" (System 5),
 > and "BSD".  The GNU preference was for BSD, when there was a choice.
 > This distinction is now completely meaningless.  Now, the default
 > should be Posix, unless there is a good readon not to.

	So prefering the BSD style *was* mere preference and in fact
no longer relevant.  Thanks for clearing this up.

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