report config.status instead of config.guess?

Jeffrey A Law
Sat Sep 19 20:44:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > It's increasingly clear that those rascally users don't differentiate
  > between mailing a file and mailing the output of a file.   This is why
  > we keep getting copies of config.guess mailed to egcs.
  > Should we encourage users to mail us the contents of config.status
  > instead of the output of config.guess?
  > If so, I'll provide a patch to the doc.
I actually changed the file to explicitly indicate that the contents 
of config.guess should not be sent.

The folks that are sending us the config.guess file probably aren't
going to manage to find config.status IMHO :(  There's only so much
you can do for people that don't actually read the instructions.


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