prefer install.texi or htdocs/specific.html?

Jeffrey A Law
Fri Sep 18 23:53:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > When describing a new target that contains some, er, nonobvious
  > characteristics, where should the rules of the game be enumerated?
  > My guess is that more people look at the webbable stuff but that GCC2
  > merges would be more productive if the former were used.
  > I'd like to write it in only one format.
An excellent question!

I'd say write it for the web pages.  I think that ought to be the
eventual home for all installation stuff.  Easier to keep up to date,
particularly between releases.

We should probably convert the entire installation section from the
gcc manual into html and put it in the htdocs directory.  And (of course) 
remove the info from the gcc manual itself.


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