libgcc and libgcc1

Jeffrey A Law
Fri Sep 18 23:50:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 01BDE301.3269AA20@LMSA2 >you write:
  >  > libgcc1 is for routines that the compiler can not open code itself
  > > and which are not also open coded in libgcc2.
  > > Typical examples of routines in libgcc1 are 32bit integer divide, modulo
  > > and multiply.
  > > libgcc1 can not be compiled by gcc because the routines would just
  > > compile into calls to themselves.
  > I thought that was inside libgcc? So what is inside libgcc?
libgcc1 and libgcc2 are combined at build time into libgcc


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