PowerPC build breakage caused by 8/25/98 loop.c change

David Edelsohn dje@watson.ibm.com
Fri Sep 18 22:10:00 GMT 1998

	I tried building a recent CVS checkout with loop.c reverted to
version 1.65 on 8/25/98 prior to Mark's loop.c changes.  Bootstrapping is
successful.  Something about those changes (possibly the
AVOID_CC_MODE_COPIES tweak?) causes PowerPC failures.  Using loop.c prior
to that date which includes Jeff's and David's loop.c changes still is

	I don't know enough about these changes to determine what is
wrong.  Mark, I would appreciate if you could find time to look into
this.  I can try to provide some help and dump traces, if you want to see
intermediate output.

Thanks, David
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