CrossGCC bug?

Jeffrey A Law
Thu Sep 17 22:12:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 01BDE22F.EBE90860@LMSA2 >you write:
  > I've never actually encounter this problem and I am not ready to
  > put my hand in fire for this information but seems like a recursive 
  > problem with libgcc1. Somewhere I read that libgcc and libgcc1 are
  > required to properly compile c programs which include operations that are
  > not directly supported by the target system. Thus if you compile
  > libgcc1 with gcc calls to these functions they will compile into 
  > recursive call to themselves.
  > Does anyone know what is the difference between gcc and gcc1 libs?
  > When I compile m68k-coff tools I don't get libgcc1. Is this okay?
libgcc1 is for routines that the compiler can not open code itself
and which are not also open coded in libgcc2.

Typical examples of routines in libgcc1 are 32bit integer divide, modulo
and multiply.

libgcc1 can not be compiled by gcc because the routines would just
compile into calls to themselves.


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