g77 and cpp. Single quote in comment line.

David W. Banks dbanks@cislunar.com
Thu Sep 17 11:14:00 GMT 1998


I've had a long term problem with code that uses cpp with g77 
and has single quotes in comment lines. What seems to be happenning
is that when someone puts a contracted word in a comment line the 
preprocessor chokes. Several external codes that I've long used
on the HP, SGI, and Cray systems never had a problem with this but
since I've been using Linux this comes up all the time for me.
Is there something that can be done about it at the EGCS level?

-Dave Banks

%> cpp -P -C george.F > george.f
cbcget.F:3: unterminated character constant
%> cat george.F
      Program George
C All it takes is a careless contraction in one's code.
      print*, "Hello world"

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