egcs-1.1.1 issues

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Sep 15 23:51:00 GMT 1998

We should be thinking about what bugs we want/need to address for

As in previous minor releases, we want to concentrate on major bugs
only, not every bug that's been reported.

I haven't had a chance to walk back through the new bug reports, but
I have seen lots of problems reported with QT (particularly on Alphas)
and various PPC Linux problems.  So those problems should probably
deserve some consideration for egcs-1.1.1.

Basically I'd kind of like to hear from the various groups (C++,
Fortran, various backend/target folks) about the most serious bugs
they've seen reported against egcs-1.1 so that we can at least get
a list of things we'd like to fix, and from that list select the
ones that we actually can/should fix for egcs-1.1.1.

Note I'm unavailable next week.  I doubt anything significant
will happen on egcs-1.1.1 until early October anyway.


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