Dynamic Linkage Problem

Bret Orsburn borsburn@codonics.com
Tue Sep 15 20:44:00 GMT 1998

egcs group:

I'm unable to build ORBacus 3.0 (ref. http://www.ooc.com/ob/ ) with shared libs
with egcs-1.0.2 or egcs-1.1b under Redhat Alpha Linux 5.0 or 5.1 (and

The build fails when testing the idl translator. The idl translator segment

I've observed some of the runtime dynamic linkage process under gdb. I've gotten
as far as watching the runtime linker leave many un-relocated slots in the .got
of libOB.so. On execution, the code tries to jump to the unrelocated offset,
which is an illegal address in low memory.

The idl program appears to work (and a cursory examination reveals no
un-relocated .got entries) when libOB.so is arbitrarily partitioned into two
smaller libs (libOB.so is quite large).

I'm trying to work through the problem but this is unfamiliar territory for me
and my progress is quite slow.

The problem appears to be size-related, so the prospects of providing a small
test case are not good.

Thanks for any help or pointers you can provide.


	Bret Orsburn

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